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Some words about Rejeo-rk ...

Founded in 2020

Rejeo-rk Enterprise is agribusiness based company aiming at promoting improved postharvest technology resulting in reduced food losses, improved overall quality and food safety and higher profits for rural growers and marketers.

  • Adaptability
  • We are so flexible and able to learn and adapt quickly to meeting changing consumer demands. We as well understand agricultural challenges of the 21st century to adequately address them by quickly adopting new methods advanced by technological innovation, in addition to predicting what new challenges lie ahead

  • Transparency and reliability
  • In all our dealings, we are honest to our consumers in that we do produce healthy agricultural products hence building trust of our customers.

  • Quality and satisfaction
  • From farm gate to the table we strive to maintain high natural quality of our products which makes it to be the most healthy for consumption

  • Sustainability
  • We bring innovative and environmentally friendly agricultural practices to impact communities for sustainable development.

Vision and mission

Established To be the leading enterprise organic food producer and processer in sub-Sahara.

Our Motto

Act To Fly

Our core values

  • 1Adaptability
  • 2Transparency and reliability
  • 3Quality and satisfaction
  • 4Sustainability
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